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Perry Logistics is a Ohio based freight dispatching company

We handle the logistics, you focus on the road.

Perry Logistics is a Ohio based freight dispatching company

We Handle the Logistics, You Focus on The Road.

Freight Dispatching Services


Are you a driver interested in working with a freight dispatcher to grow your business? You’re in the right place!

Perry Logistics is freight dispatching company based out of Columbus, Ohio. We focus on providing dispatch services to new and seasoned owners/operators with analytical load planning being the most important aspect of the services we offer.

Partnering with the right freight dispatch service provider is an important part of running a successful trucking business. We represent you and always think about the best interest of your business with every decision that we make. Let us take care of finding loads and managing the back office tasks while you focus on the road. Streamline operations, minimize empty loads and increase your profits by working with us.

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What We Do

We Handle Trucking LogistICS

Complete all back office paperwork

Complete carrier packets

Book and negotiate rates

Run broker credit checks

Review and sign contracts

Plot out routes

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The Freight Logistics System

How the Freight Logistics System Works

Every item originates in a factory. Manufacturers make and work with various companies to get products to the consumer.

Several shippers work with manufacturers to get the product or freight on a truck to be delivered to various parts of the U.S.

Brokers act as middleman in order to get the freight booked with a carrier in order to move the product to its destination.

Dispatchers act as middlemen between the broker and carrier. We complete administrative tasks and keep the carrier focused on driving. This is what we do.

Carriers (also called owners or operators) drive the trucks that carry the freight all over the U.S. They focus on the road, the drive time and keep the freight intact from point A to point B.

Let's Grow your Trucking Business

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Ready to grow your business? We take great pride in building a solid repor and trust with our drivers and it’s one of the reasons we’re experiencing rapid growth. We want to know your overall goals regarding the growth of your business and then work with you to scale as quickly as possible. We care about your bottom line. Get in touch and let’s talk!


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